Lab 1: Python, Pygame, & Particles


This lab aims to familiarize you with Python, Pygame and a few concepts needed for ETGG 1802.  Students will be creating a 2D particle module that can be utilized in future game environment projects.


  • Get use to working in groups.

  • Brush up on Python & Pygame.

  • Recap on simple game logic.

  • Practice object oriented programming.


  • Create a Particle System Module

    • Create a particle class

      • Needs to be able to move.

      • Use alpha blending.

    • Create an emitter class

      • Controls particles

      • Able to change emitter style/shape.

    • Game

      • Compensate for different computer speeds.

      • Able to spawn/move an emitter with button click.

      • Runs main game loop.

    • Bonus Ideas:

      • Particle Physics

        • Gravity & Floor collision

      • Make a game out of it.

        • Think of ways games use particles.

Top of each file should have:

#Project: <Lab name here>

#Authors: <Your team members>

#Date Created:  <Date Created>

#Date Modified: <Date Modified>

#Python Version: <Version of python you wrote the project in>